This project is a collaboration between Andrew Roberts, academic and a founding member of the Mental Patients Union (MPU) and artist Ker Wallwork, with support from the Survivors History Group

Our aim has been to increase accessibility to the archives of the Mental Patients Union, and in doing so help promote and preserve the MPU’s work as an organisation of crucial importance in the history of psychiatric survivors' movements and broader social struggle.

The Mental Patients' Union was founded in March 1973 in Paddington Day Hospital. It was the second union of mental patients in the UK, the first being the Scottish Union of Mental Patients (SUMP) founded in 1971. Members from SUMP were also involved in the MPU. A detailed history of the MPU is available here.

This website is intended to be a simple visual repository of key items from the archives. It is intended as an additional resource to complement Andrew’s generous and comprehensive work on the history of the MPU and broader Survivor Movements available on his website

If you have any questions regarding the digital archive of the MPU or if you need to see any of the documents in a larger format, please email [email protected]